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Who is Rumbold? And what do we do for you?

We bring HR professionals together to learn from each other. We discuss how peers face processes, challenges and developments. We make visible through companies whether they are in line with the ever-changing market, trends and legislation in our field and more.

How instructive is it to look outside-in? When you look through the glasses of others, you see your own situation from a different angle. We facilitate the exchange of knowledge and insights on current HR topics during online and offline sessions and encourage members to find each other more often in between. For example, through Q&As, sparring and simple benchmarks within our online platform.

With our HR network and supporting app, you have HR knowledge and experience from many different perspectives at your fingertips. What HR professional wouldn’t want that?

Content-rich topics for much-needed depth and a fantastic network with interesting HR professionals
Great way to understand what peer groups in the industry are going through and a platform to share and exchange knowledge and best practice

Some of our participating organizations


To ensure that the right people are brought to the table, we have several communities. These are groups of like-minded people within the field. Below is an overview of the communities that make up Rumbold. Be sure to click onward to see what meetings are on the menu for this year.

HRD International

HR Directors

HR Directors often encourage “outside-in thinking for their team members. But there is also a wide range of expert perspectives, real-life case studies and sparring sessions for HR Directors.

Below is an overview of the sessions scheduled for the second half of 2023. The 2024 calendar will follow in December. This way we stay up-to-date and therefore relevant. The calendar was created based on input from our members. As a member of this community, you may join the sessions below. And in addition, you may join the online sessions of the other communities. That way you learn not only from your peers, but also from professionals outside your field.

The calendar you see here is intended as an indication if you are not (yet) a member of Rumbold and of what is possible within Rumbold. This calendar will be supplemented by sessions requested by members and thus the list below is not complete. Rumbold members can see this clearly in the Rumbold app.

Compensation & Benefits

For the 200+ members of this group from 10+ countries representing 150+ organizations, we organize about 80 to 100 activities annually on topics in the Rewards | C&B domain.

Why we do this?

Reward professionals’ input when asked: “What would make your day?”

  • A go-to place to brainstorm and explore solving concrete issues around a global workforce that is getting more and more sophisticated in its expectations
  • Active networking, focusing on learning, sharing and delivery of pragmatic solutions
  • Unleashing hidden potential and have some fun whilst at it!

Would be great to have easy and low threshold access to:

  • Outside in Perspective, supporting and/or validating own choices or direction (intervision)
  • Easy and quick access to peers in an informal, virtual and trusted workspace
  • Playground and/or sanity check for testing the waters (co-create | proof of concept | pre-consulting)
  • Specific to relevant topics, geographies and industries and truly international

HR Business Partners

HR Business Partners have a wide range of duties. Sparring and gaining inspiration on this multitude of topics is seen and experienced as an extension of the work.


The challenges of the labor market for the coming years is a top topic within the HR domain. We offer our recruitment community many opportunities to share knowledge and experiences with each other.

HR Shared Services

Activities focus on HR (shared) services managers of 40+ organizations where we cover global/local and operation/strategy topics from our own case studies.

Digital HR

Data, analytics and tech topics are covered here. Always from what is going on in organizations in the HR domain. Digital HR transformation is impacting all HR functions.

Learning and Development

Skills-based learning, applying artificial intelligence and learning are just examples of sessions in our Learning & Development community.

Interim HR

Affiliate interim HR professionals are affiliated for their own development and continuing education. There is plenty of connection toward HR cases from participating organizations.


Our member app

Onze leden hebben toegang tot onze app die bijdraagt aan de verbinding met andere aangesloten leden & organisaties en met ons team. Binnen dit online platform kan je veilig en snel communiceren, kennis uitwisselen en onze agenda volgen. Binnen handbereik op je telefoon of via de desktop. Zo creëren we een community waarbij iedereen deel uitmaakt van de dynamiek en doorontwikkeling van HR. Je staat niet alleen in je uitdagingen. Er zijn 500 leden vanuit verschillende disciplines die met je mee kunnen denken. En het is een mooie kans om je netwerk uit te breiden.


The Rumbold platform is purely for knowledge sharing. We are not an acquisition network and therefore do not use sponsors. We therefore charge a fee per year to be a member. What is your preference?

Single Membership

If only for you, this is the easiest option. Your organization takes out a membership and you participate in the network.

Depends per community, per year between:

€ 1,500 and € 1,750

Double membership

In this form, 2 colleagues can participate in sessions in one or more communities. More relevance and a broader reach.

Depends per community, per year between:

€ 2,500 and € 3,000

Corporate Membership

Suitable for large(er) HR teams that want to benefit from the possibilities in our network across the entire HR remit.

Depending on the community, with extras, per year from:

€ 4,500


Rumbold is teamwork

Een sessie organiseren is niet zo moeilijk. Maar ervoor zorgen dat het inspirerend blijft én dat iedereen terug blijft komen is een andere uitdaging. Het team van Rumbold zorgt voor de organisatie, communicatie, inspiratie en facilitatie rondom alle sessies en de app.

Are you ready to Rumbold?

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