Growing together

We were created because we saw that things could be different; departments pointing at each other but not connecting with each other, employees who were not being used in their strengths. Something had to change about that. We put the HR professional at the center of the Rumbold concept as she connects organization and people.

When we started in 2010, we called ourselves a knowledge sharing and inspiration platform for HR professionals. Today we call this a Community and so we have several sub-communities for the various HR specializations. We bring inspiring topics to our platform and pull current issues from our platform so you can continue to grow and learn from each other.

Offline, online and app are part of this. Everything to optimally support the affiliated professionals in their development and thus contribute to an optimal match between people and organization. We do this for organizations operating from the Netherlands and abroad.


And we also do it together. Our team is strengthened with the knowledge and years of experience of expert partners and moderators in various HR fields. Thanks to them, we can bring more depth and connection to the issues at hand, between research, trends and practice. Supported by these specialists and partners in the fields of education, training, coaching and consultancy, we provide topical discussion topics and knowledge sharing in the communities, sessions and platform wide.

Are you ready to Rumbold?

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