HRD Good Morning | #6 | Why HR becomes obsolete

Expert Perspective
Friday 5 July 2024
08:15 - 08:55 hr CET

What is this meeting about?

The time has come to leave traditional HR and everything it stands for behind. Seeing humans as a resource is heavily outdated and equally are all the HR-instruments that we use during the employee life cycle.

Because of e.g. the pandemic, hybrid working, EDI&B, new generations entering the workplace , and Artificial Intelligence organizations have no other choice then to look differently at their employees and come up with a new way of working that fits the fast-changing world and the changing needs people have. This new way of working according to Peter van Hoof is best described as ‘future of work is inner work’

Peter van Hoof will take us on a personal and professional journey explaining and talking about why the ‘future of work is inner work’. In essence the inner work means for employees that they spend time finding out what it means to be a human being and try to answer the question who am I? Equally, an organization needs to do the same thing with brutal honesty and transparency towards itself.

If done precisely, there will be a perfect balance between employees and organization and pinpoints a unique description of the culture of an organization, Peter van Hoof calls this balance “Cultology”, the art of creating culture.

When done in optima forma Peter thinks that HR can be made obsolete or at least should get a different role, which he calls ‘Human Experience Management (HXM)’.

You will get answer to the following questions:

- Why does HR become obsolete?

- What is Human Experience Management (HXM)?

- Why and how should we move from HR to HXM?

- What will be the impact on all we know in HR?

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